How to make a dj mix

How to make a dj mix fast and easy without dj skills It had been a long time since I recorded my last track, so in this situation for me it's a good plan to create a new dj mix before I start making new music. I got myself into the right mood and I [...]

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Social media marketing success tracking – week 06

Social Media Marketing Success Tracking - Week 06 "A sailor without a destination cannot hope for a favorable wind", old chinese saw. Consistently for our social media marketing success tracking we have - to verify, that our goals are still our goals, - to localise our current position and - most [...]

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email marketing for musicians – week 05

email marketing for musicians - week 05 Todays Web 2.0 provides the opportunity for every musician to market oneself.  But it's not easy to stand out from the crowd. You have to find your niche and audience. Then get in touch with them and start a conversation. Not with the masses. On an individual, personal [...]

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SEO for musicians – week 04

SEO for musicians - week 04 Last week we've spun a social media net to promote actively our blog. Today we take a look at the other side of the coin, SEO for musicians. When you start as a musician, nobody knows you. Your music could be as great as hell, your webpage looks quiet [...]

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spin a social media web – week 03

spin a social media web - week 03 In my last posts I've built the main blog page with WordPress. Now I'm ready to write my first posts. But nobody will read my posts certainly, because nobody knows about it. So I have to do two different things to make my blog well-known. First, spin [...]

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